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This is a  library of voice talent that is accessible through us.

Aum Recording is an agent and producer for any new talent that wishes to display their skills.

We are looking to fill this page, so contact us if you think you have a great voice with acting abilities that could be utilized by production companies.

Voice artists are essential in tv commercials, corporate , training or educational videos and documentaries.

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Mathabo_Vox.swf Andy_Vox.swf Thilo_VO_clipb.swf Voice Artist Pasl_VOX.swf French_Deo_VO.swf Nlisa_VO.swf Buyi_VO).swf

Contact:+27 82 331 3828

Glenwood, Durban

Skype : AumMultimedia

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Music is the voice that tells us that the human race is greater than it knows  -   Napoleon Bonaparte

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